Reel Perks

REEL PERKS Program Rules

1) The REEL PERKS reward program is open to anyone 13 years or older. Family members can earn points using the same card, and any family member can be allowed to redeem eligible rewards

2) Points are not earned for passes, online ticketing, group discounted admissions and/or concessions, and gift card purchases. For the purposes of calculating points earned at the box office or concession stand you will earn 1 point for each whole dollar spent. EXAMPLE if your ticket cost $4.50 you will earn 4 points. There is a daily limit of 100 points that can be earned per card.

3) To earn points simply present your card PRIOR to any box office or concession transaction. Our employees cannot access your account by name, address or phone number. RMC Stadium Cinemas is not responsible for lost cards, nor can a replacement card be issued at this current time. Each member is personally responsible for their card.

4) As a REEL PERKS member, you can see movies at a reduced admission by presenting your card, for movies listed on our website as VIP Movies.

5) RMC Stadium Cinemas has the right to change or discontinue the program and/or alter or change the reward structure without any liability to members

6) Awards have no dollar value, and cannot be used to offset the cost of another item, at this current time.

7) RMC Stadium Cinemas does not share personal information of its members with any third party.

8) REEL PERKS accounts are not eligible to be combined or consolidated with any other member account